Where to find a piece of heaven on the Earth?

Are you wondering what heaven looks like? Everyone has his own paradise, of course. I saw my heaven on a deserted beach after the rain in Boka-Kotor Bay.

New Year in the Carpathians

New Year is such a holiday that adults and children equally adore. It is always associated with snow, snow hills, big Christmas tree and a miracle that everyone believes in. The best...

Ancient and beautiful Bruges

Europe attracts tourists from all over the world, and Belgium is no exception. You can be especially impressed by Bruges. It is an ideal city for relaxing and romantic walks. This is not a...

Astana: young, grand and impressive

Astana is one of the youngest cities in the world, which I was lucky to visit. It is only 20 years old and everything speaks about its innovation, prospects and focus on...

Stone jungle of sultry Jakarta

If you like exotic holidays, we recommend you to visit Indonesia. Its capital, Jakarta, is like a real hive. It is very hot, cramped, noisy, with huge skyscrapers, as in America, and automobile traffic...