The official agency of paradise on the Earth


Here friendly and happy people live. Usual rest becomes an exciting and unforgettable trip here. The impenetrable jungle hides in its embrace ancient cities. Welcome to the homeland of Mowgli – Cambodia!


Even at the airport, we learned that the local currency of Cambodia, riel, is not always necessary for tourists. Locals will gladly accept dollars and even give you cash back in it. It’s very comfortable.

Mostly we had been rested in the city of Sihanoukville, the main seaside resort of Cambodia. But there was a problem: there is no public transport in Sihanoukville, just like buses from the airport. I had to take a taxi, a local auto rickshaw for $ 5. From the airport to the city it’s not far, only 17 km. I immediately noticed that Sihanoukville is not a poor city, because people in it are hardworking. Everyone is going somewhere, running, building, selling. In general, the Cambodian anthill. And while this there is very clean everywhere.

There are only three attractions in the city:

  • A symbol of the city – a golden lion and a lioness. This is a huge monument, which has neither cultural nor historical value in principle;
  • Independence Square;
  • Buddhist temple of Wat Leu. They say that this place has a special power. Therefore, healers, gurus, wandering doctors often come here, to meditate. The temple is very quiet and peaceful, which very helps in meditations.


Since Sihanoukville is Cambodia’s only sea resort, its main attraction is the beach. The nearest beach is Sirendipidi. Clean sand and warm sea. And all of this is free. You do not have to pay for the entrance, or for the sunbeds. Just buy a drink in the bar opposite and lie here until morning. Also you can get a pedicure for $ 5 or a massage for $ 8. And everything is near here. We were in the center of paradise! Nearby there was a big street full of restaurants, the sea, the sun, the beach. There is also a pier with sailing ships that take people to the islands. And here our hotel was – a small bright room with a terrace on the beach for $ 30 per day.

One day on the pier, we took an inexpensive tour on a yacht – a cruise to the most beautiful islands of southwestern Cambodia. This is entertainment for the whole day. We made photos in the picturesque bay of Saracen. A secluded beach, nice bungalows and so calmly… It seems that valerian have poured into the air. And the sea whispers mantras. And then there was a foam party. Only for $ 23 we got all the fun: lots of food, island trips, a foam party and unlimited drinks.


In the evening we saw an exclusive show on the street – the ancient Cambodian dance Apsara. Initially apsars are heavenly nymphs and every movement in dance carries a certain meaning. The apsars tell different stories with various movements. Although, many people believe that these movements used to seduce the rulers; and the apsars were the usual concubines of kings.


In general, the evenings on the seafront of Sihanoukville are calm and romantic, around the candles and garland. Yes, this is paradise. Even for a person with a small income.

Later we visited the Bokor National Park. It is on its huge territory is an abandoned city. Bokor Phil Station is a ghost town, the remnants of the former French luxury. In the 19th century Cambodia was a colony of France, and in place of the modern park there was a resort for aristocrats. And now just empty buildings are here. This place has experienced many historical events. Everything ended with a dictatorial regime, in which even holy places were fired upon. In the surviving church, bullets pierced all the walls and statues. They say that the souls of dead people are still roaming there. Local believe that evil spirits live there and don’t recommend staying here for a night.


As my friend says, Cambodia is a station of transfusion of joy into the blood. This is the place of power for those who are looking for new emotions. Here, even for minimal money, you can get maximum of pleasure.