Ancient and beautiful Bruges


Europe attracts tourists from all over the world, and Belgium is no exception. You can be especially impressed by Bruges. It is an ideal city for relaxing and romantic walks. This is not a city-fireworks, but rather a city-tale full of secrets and ancient stories that are pleasant to listen with a glass of local beer. He recalls a vivid illustration of one of the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen.


Everything here is impressive. First of all – the magnificent architecture, made in different styles and keeps a huge history from the Vikings to modern times. In the narrow streets you can easily lose track of time and go back for two hundred or even five hundred years ago. For several centuries, Bruges practically did not change its appearance: narrow streets paved with cobblestones, ancient churches, ancient multi-colored facades of houses decorated with flowers and ornamental plants, and graceful canals, for which this city is sometimes called “Venice of the North”. And only thousands of tourists remind of modern life.


Every traveler, in addition to pleasant impressions about the city, wants to bring beautiful photos of Bruges, capture the main sights and monuments of architecture. The benefit Bruges is full of this. So, what are the main places recommended for visiting by tourists? Here are the top 5 places, must see for a walking excursion:


      Square market. Acquaintance with each old city of Europe should be started from its central square. In ancient times it was the center of the city and the heart of its trade. It is on Grote Markt you can find the cutest bright houses, old buildings and local flavor. Therefore, first go to the square. Here you will see street musicians, souvenir shops and cozy cafes.

     Belfort Tower. It attracts tourists for two reasons. First, the beautiful architecture and truly magnificent view. Previously, it served as a sentinel point, from which it was perfectly visible the approaches to the city. Actually, this is the second reason. Rising up to 83 meters, you will enjoy a magnificent view of the city. From this observation deck you can take great photos with a view, like on postcards.


Grand ancient monument of Bruges architecture is Basil of the Holy Blood of Christ. It is built near the Grote Markt. The basilica was built at the beginning of the 12th century and was originally called the chapel of St. Basil. Unfortunately, the initial interior and walls have not survived to our days, as they have been restored many times. The real pearl of the basilica is the statue of the Virgin Mary with the baby Jesus in her arms.


Lake of Love. This is a favorite place for romantic walks of all lovers. The lake is located in the central part of Bruges, in the park Minnieter. The local authorities pay special attention to this place, constantly refining and improving it. There is a legend that if people in love confess their love for each other on the bridge near the lake, their love will be eternal and never fade away. Is it so, we do not know. But be sure to check the power of the legend, while being in Bruges.

Operating since 1564 brewery. If you like the excursion to be not only informative, but also delicious, be sure to visit the De Halve Maan Brewery Brewery Museum. On its territory there are several restaurants with a pleasant interior, where they pour their own author sorts of beer and offer delicious snacks. And finally, you can visit the observation deck on the roof.


There are disputes where the name of the city came from. “Brugge” in translation from Norman means “harbor”, and in translation from German “Brücke” is “bridge”. Several centuries ago, merchant ships passed through the canals of this city. But over time, the coastline moved several kilometers away from the city and today only pleasure boats float along the canals.


As in all of Belgium, in Bruges mainly communicate in Dutch, and the second official language is French. Almost everyone understands English in this city, so you will not have problems with communication.


A very convenient means of transportation in Bruges is a bicycle. It can be rented at any hotel. A bike ride through the streets of the city will give you great pleasure and unforgettable impressions.


Bruges is a city of sight, it is not surprising that it is under the protection of UNESCO. To bypass it in one day is impossible. But to fall in love with it in just a few hours is very real. Therefore, if you plan to go to Belgium, do not miss the chance to visit a city that you will remember for a long time.