Astana: young, grand and impressive


Astana is one of the youngest cities in the world, which I was lucky to visit. It is only 20 years old and everything speaks about its innovation, prospects and focus on a great future.

Astana became the capital of Kazakhstan in 1998. And from that moment its emergence and formation began. The city turned from a lifeless desert into a beautiful oasis with all sorts of flowers, gardens and parks. A huge number of buildings, fountains, parks, cultural and sports facilities, restaurants, bars, cinemas were built here.


Billions of dollars were invested in the construction of the capital. But the rich country can afford it. To make the city interesting for everyone, the best architects from all over the world were invited to create its design. That is why each building in Astana is a work of modern art. To study each of them, you need to spend more than one week in the city. But there is a little more complicated with the traditional flavor. You can meet it only in museums and restaurants of local cuisine.

Fans of old Europe will be probably disappointed, but there are absolutely no ancient monuments of architecture and the traditional structure of streets. Everything is made modernly, grandly, in a big way.

It turns out that Astana is a multinational city. Whom you can’t only meet! At first glance, you can’t say that you are in desert Asia. It is rather an alternative to Dubai.

Sights of Astana

Of course, you can just gawk around. But don’t miss the main sights of Astana.


The symbol of the city – “Baytarek” personifies the tree of life, extending up to 97 meters. The idea of ​​this monument belongs to President Nazarbayev. On the very top of the monument there is a panoramic hall, which serves as an observation deck, from which the capital is visible in full view.


All tourists and city residents love to spend time in the huge shopping and entertainment complex “Khan-Shatyr”. By the way, it took the place of honor in the Guinness Book of Records. After all, this is the largest tent in the world. Its height is about 150 meters, and the total area of ​​the complex is 127 thousand square meters. This is a huge marketplace, more like an indoor park or a huge circus Chapito.


Under this tent there are various shopping and entertainment facilities, shops, cafes and restaurants, children’s playgrounds and parks, cinemas and Aqua Park. It is especially nice to spend time there in the winter when it is cold outside and strong winds blow.

Just a few years ago, the largest mosque in Central Asia, Hazrat Sultan, was built in Astana. This is not just a mosque. Here, tradition and religion are closely intertwined with the latest advanced construction technologies.

Hazrat Sultan-Astana

A beautiful white mosque serves not only for prayers, wedding ceremonies or ablution. On its territory there are also a large educational center and classrooms.

Astana-Hazrat Sultan

Well, Water-Green Boulevard – it is generally something. It consists of three levels, on each you can find something interesting. The most beautiful architectural sites of the city are located along the entire boulevard.

Water-Green Boulevard-Astana

The most attractive to visit, of course, is the upper level. It is there that you can see a lot of alleys, fountains, shops, flower beds, all kinds of figures and buildings. All for a leisurely pastime in the fresh air.

It turns out that you can see the pyramids not only in Egypt, but also in Astana, where in 2006 the Peace and Accord Palace was opened; it has the shape of a pyramid 62 meters high.


This building, though inferior to the size of the Egyptian pyramids, has a concert and opera hall, several conference halls, exhibition galleries, a greenhouse, etc. Many people call the Palace of Peace and Accord the “eighth wonder of Astana”. This is a unique building that harmoniously adorns the capital of Kazakhstan. This construction looks very original at night when the bright lights turn on.

Astana-Duman Entertainment Center

For wildlife lovers, I recommend visiting the Duman Entertainment Center, where there is the largest among the CIS countries Ailand Aquarium. It is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most distant from the ocean (more than 3000 km). To fill the aquarium it took about 3 million liters of water and 120 tons of sea salt.

Ailand Aquarium Astana

Here you can see more than 2000 representatives of marine fauna from all the oceans of the world. All visitors can not only get acquainted with the representatives of the ichthyofauna and learn a lot about the life of the inhabitants of the ocean, but also charge themselves with a lot of positive emotions.

To sum up my vacation in Astana, I can say one thing: there is really something to see in the capital of Kazakhstan. It’s time to move away from the stereotypes of travelers that only ancient cities can be beautiful. From the futuristic architecture of Astana, you will be exited. So come to here, you will not regret!