Australian Perth – a real find for a bright journey


Almost on the edge of the Earth, far from all, there is a lost continent. There, glass skyscrapers grew out of the desert, hiding in their shadow ancient monuments of architecture. There rare animals live, and the waves turn into stone. This is Australia.

We had been living in the city of Perth almost for a week. This is a huge modern metropolis. And moreover – one of the most isolated capitals in the world. (This is the capital of Western Australia). On the one hand, the city is surrounded by lifeless sands of two deserts, and on the other – endless miles of the Indian Ocean.


It’s hard to believe, but once there were impassable swamps and a land unsuitable for living. But when gold was found in the Perth area, everything changed! The city began to blossom. Here, European gold miners flocked massively. They began to build castles and entire streets in a colonial style. Today the city continues to be built. And then one after another there are modern glass skyscrapers. The most famous of them is, of course, the Swan Tower. This is the world’s tallest glass bell tower. Its height is 82.5 meters. The tower represents the symbol of the city – a black swan, whose wings are made of copper.


This building is considered a masterpiece of modern architecture. In general, the city reminds me of an architectural mix, in which different styles and epochs are mixed. At the same time everything is combined and nothing “cuts the eye”.


As for me, Perth is a very cool city. There is everything you need for a metropolis, plus an ocean with a beach. In fact, the entire coast of Perth is one long beach. And the pictures are just super!


We were very surprised when we learned that the city cemetery of Perth is one of the tourist attractions. By the way, it is not as gloomy as ours is. There are no massive crosses and tombstones, because in Australia it is customary to bury urns with ashes. But the remarkableness of cemetery is not in that. Just imagine: real wild kangaroos live there. Kangaroos are actually very aggressive and unpredictable animals. They can jump at a speed of 60 km / h. At the same time, their weight reaches 100 kg. They have strong paws with powerful claws. At the same time, you can not offend an animal, even for protection purposes. This is categorically prohibited by the law of Australia.


In Perth there is another unique animal, but you cannot meet it on the street. It’s wombat, a marsupial animal like a kangaroo. It lives under ground. It has strong paws and powerful claws, with which it digs burrows. Because of this, the first inhabitants of Australia considered them pests and systematically destroyed them. Therefore, in the wild nature they are very few. But they are very fat and funny. Take care of wombats!

From the city of Perth you can reach by ferry to the island of Rottnest. This is 63 ideal beaches and miles of stunning scenery. Once it was a reference for convicts, a prison for prisoners of war and generally translated as “an island of huge rats.” By the way, it is still infested with rats. But to my happiness, these are not vile rats, but a cute quokka – a small short-tailed kangaroo.


Because of the structure of its muzzle, it seems that it constantly smiles. That’s why thousands of tourists come to Rottnest every year to make a funny selfie with a quokka. I’ve been chasing after it for half an hour, but I’ve made the selfie!

What really impressed me it was the rock of Wave Rock. This is a unique natural phenomenon. A stone wave 110 meters long, 15 meters high, and it looks very realistic. Aborigines believed that here lived the spirits of the earth, whom they feared and worshiped. It seems that this is magic. But in fact it is the work of wind and rain, which gradually blurred the stone and turned the rock into such a work of art.


A kilometer away from the stone wave there is another natural masterpiece. A magical lake that not only has a strange yellow color, but also changes it during the day. From the height it seems that this is a huge yellow eye that looks straight into space. That’s why the aborigines were afraid to approach it. The salinity of the lake is 32%, it is slightly less than that of the Dead Sea. It is lifeless.

It’s a pity, but Australia is a very expensive country and not too much people can afford to visit it. After visiting Perth, I realized that here is everything for an exciting trip. The sun, the ocean, amazing nature. Unique animals and exotic cuisine. And the more unusual the traditions and culture, the more interesting discover and learn them.