Bangkok – the city of contrasts


A couple years ago I decided to visit Thailand and my choice immediately fell on Bangkok. It’s very interesting city because it is a capital where the most incompatible things are combined.

Here, dirt lives next to luxury, half-ruined slums adjoin to skyscrapers, cheap street food is sold under the windows of expensive restaurants. And streets of debauchery, with crowds of transvestites, quietly get along with Buddhist temples.

Such disharmony causes resentment in some people, others feel a protest. But I fell in love with this city from the first time and for a long time. After all, it cannot leave anyone indifferent, and I also got caught on its hook. Walking the streets of this city of contrasts, I made up for myself my personal list of interesting moments and facts. These are the moments that hooked or interested me. Here they are:

Usually, a lot of vegetation in the city rushes into the eyes. But the first thing I noticed was the number of Chinese. There they are indeed a quarter of the total population. Perhaps this is not a secret for anyone, but I paid attention to it.

Everyone knows that the name “Thailand” is translated as “a country of free people”. That’s exactly what is felt in the capital. There is an incredible amount of hippies, tourists from all over the world, free artists and a motley youth. Bangkok is a cheerful and free city.

Very cheap taxi. As an experienced tourist, I used to pay local taxi drivers for their services, and sometimes it was quite expensive. But not in Bangkok. Taxi by the meter is cheap. But to get the taxi driver to turn on the counter, you have to get on your nerves. They are not exactly honest people.

Mud. It is everywhere. It’s the capital, and it must be clean. But the garbage appears from nowhere and hinders the overall good impression of the city.

Skyscrapers, new beautiful houses and shopping centers are built near slums, poverty and ruins. For Asian countries, this may be the norm, but not for European countries. At first this caused some bewilderment. But over time, such contrasts seem to be something ordinary.

Cult of cheap street food. Snacks, fruit, hot dogs are sold everywhere. Even in the richest districts with strict office buildings, street vendors conduct their brisk trade. All the food here is fresh and tasty. In order not to bother with fruits, you can immediately make fresh drink from them. Or they cut the fruit for portions and give you a fork for convenience.

Lovers of novelties and exotic must definitely try fried insects. Locals eat cockroaches, grasshoppers, frogs, larvae and incomprehensible bugs. As a typical tourist I could not resist to try these “delicacies”. Although from the whole range I liked only the frog. Such an unusual snack. ) The rest was not so interesting. I would not call it traditional cuisine. Rather, this is one of the entertainments for tourists.

If you want to save on public transport, ride on buses without windows – they are cheaper. This is due to the fact that the buses with windows are air-conditioned. For hot Bangkok this is a clear advantage. So you need to pay extra for it.

As for entertainments, there are a lot of them in Bangkok, as in any other metropolis: bars, restaurants, clubs, travesty shows, various tours and excursions. To make a tattoo, you don’t need go far. You can make it almost everywhere. But I would not risk it. Massage in Bangkok is generally a separate topic. Everyone knows the Thai massage here will be done cheaply and well. This is a mandatory program item for any tourist.

These are the main interesting notes I made for myself. But Bangkok can be studied for a very long time and for every tourist it will show itself from different sides. Therefore, travel more, discover new places and don’t forget to visit Thailand.