Bright weekend in Gdansk


If you are going to visit Poland, you definitely should visit Gdansk. This is one of the major Polish cities, which will pleasantly surprise you with a cozy European atmosphere and close proximity to the sea. We decided to tell you how to spend an exciting weekend here.

As a rule, all tourists arrive at Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport, from which you can easily reach the city center by bus No. 210 for 40 minutes. One way ticket will cost you a maximum of 1 euro. This bus stops near the main railway station and Brama Wyzynna, from which the main tourist street Dluga runs through the Old Town.

Here, you seem to fall into another dimension: the houses on this street are so beautiful that each of them can be called a work of art. They are decorated with statues, sculptures, patterns, bright coloring and figured roofs. On the sides of the street there are cozy cafes, souvenir shops, grocery stores and kiosks with ice cream. Here music plays, and street artists perform. All this creates a fabulous atmosphere of a colorful European metropolis.

The centerpiece of the Old Town is the city hall and the original fountain of Neptune. To get a better view of the entire historical center of Gdansk, it is worth going up to the observation deck of the city hall. Paying about 1 euro for the entrance and overcoming almost 300 steps, you can enjoy a stunning view. You will see several quarters of gingerbread houses topped with red tile roofs, the Motława River, the majestic Basilica of the Virgin Mary in a strict Gothic style and other beauties of Gdansk.

We recommend you to come into the church of St. Mary, which the locals consider the largest brick church in the world. The length of the building is 105 m, width is 41 m, the height of the arches is 29 m, up to 25 thousand people can fit inside the temple! Not far from the church there is an unusual Four Quarters Fountain, which in the corners are guarded by four sculptures of huge lions.

The whole first day of your stay in Gdansk should be devoted to a walk around the city. You can admire the architecture of the Old Town, which is somewhat reminiscent of Amsterdam, you can sail in a real pirate ship on the Motlawa river or explore the huge ship in the National Maritime Museum, take a ride on the beautiful Ferris wheel on the embankment and see how the modern drawbridge works.

Also you should see the building of the Museum of the Second World War, which impresses with its unusual ultramodern design.

You can have lunch in one of the cozy cafes in the city center for 10-15 euros or buy inexpensive products in the supermarket chain Zabka or Express. We advise you to think about the accommodation in advance by booking a suitable option for you on the website For example, a small cozy apartment in the center of Gdansk can be rented for 40 euros per day.

The second day of your little journey to Gdansk can be devoted to a trip to the Baltic Sea. For example, you can reach to the Stogi beach by public transport from the city center for half an hour. In particular, you will need buses No. T-8 and No. 158, as well as trams No. 3 and No. 8. Stogi is a huge wide sandy beach, next to which various cafes, shops, parking lots and playgrounds are located. Even if the water in the sea seems to be not warm enough for you to swim, you can have a great time here, sipping cocktails and enjoying the sea air.

Gdansk is a city from which you do not expect much, but you get a lot of impressions and positive emotions. Even a couple of days is enough to love this cozy, truly European city and sunbathe on one of the Baltic beaches. We are sure that you will remember the weekend in Gdansk for a long time.