Keukenhof – a paradise for fans of flowers


On March 22, the biggest and the most beautiful spring park of flowers in Europe – Keukenhof – started its work this year. This park is located in the Netherlands, not far from Amsterdam. It will work until May 13. I was lucky to visit it a couple of years ago, and I want to share with you my impressions.

I came in Amsterdam by work and stayed in the hotel. After the sightseeing tours, we were invited to visit the Keukenhof park. We arrived to the park from Amsterdam by car. The journey took us about an hour.

keukenhof12If you do not have any friends in Amsterdam, you can get to the park by bus No. 858 Keukenhof Express, which regularly leaves there from Schiphol airport. If you visit the official site of the park, you can learn more about how to get to the park from the nearby towns of Haarlem and Leiden. There the cost of entrance is also indicated – from 14,75 € to 17 € for adults and 6-8 € for children. Group tickets and tickets purchased online are cheaper. And pay attention to complex tickets (fare and visit).

keukenhof4The first thing that caught our eye when we approached the park was the endless fields of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths that played in the sun with all the colors of the rainbow. Although we arrived on a weekday, there were already a lot of cars and buses in the parking. Only then I understood how popular this park is among tourists from all over the world. They say that there are much more tourists on weekend. By the way, parking is paid – 6 €.

keukenhof1After 15 minutes spent in the line for entrance tickets, we got into the park. Even at the entrance we felt fragrances of flowering flowers in the air. We were lucky with the weather, it was a sunny day and we could see the park in all its glory. I have never seen such a number of multicolored blooming flowers in my life. None photo can’t convey their fragrance.

keukenhof3I learned that the park was designed in 1857 as the ornamental garden of Keukenhof castle and occupies more than 32 hectares. In 1950, the first international flower exhibition was organized here, and after that every year millions of colorful tulips bloom in the garden around a decorative pond surrounded by old beech trees. This year the organizers planted more than 7 million bulbs of flowers of 800 different varieties.

keukenhof5Before that, I’ve been several times in parks and botanical gardens, where mostly different trees and shrubs are represented. And here, on the contrary, I could see only flowers. A huge number of colorful tulips, hyacinths and daffodils planted in different compositions cannot be described in words. Pedestrian paths are laid throughout the park. They say that their length is about 15 km! So you can walk around the park and enjoy nature all day long. On the territory of the park there are several ponds in which ducks and swans live. Also in the park there are many interesting places for the youngest visitors.

keukenhof6Every year florists planting flowers come up with new themes for the park. In recent years, they were “Golden Age”, “Van Gogh”, “Holland”. This year the theme of the park is “Romantic in flowers”. Last autumn, the gardeners planted millions of bulbs in compositions related to this topic.

 keukenhof7keukenhof8.In addition to the huge number of flowers under the open sky, there are several greenhouses (pavilions) in the park. Such compositions from flowers of the most original colors you will not meet anywhere. There are a lot of various orchids, callas, lilies, roses and other flowers. Here you can not only admire the beauty, but also buy it (fresh flowers or souvenirs), bring a piece of the park to home for memory. Near the pavilions there are several restaurants where you can taste delicious and hearty snack. Here you can eat freely if you took food with you.

keukenhof11keukenhof9On the territory of the park there is an old mill. Climbing on it, you can see from the height all park and the adjacent fields of tulips. The entrance to the mill is included in the ticket price. You can also enjoy the endless fields of flowers around the park on a small excursion boat, however, it needs a separate ticket and there are not always available seats.

keukenhof10This park is a paradise for fans of flowers. This place associates with the word “spring” best of all. Only there I felt real “smell of spring.” And I saw how nature blossoms after the winter hibernation.keukenhof