Movies that inspire for travel


Do you lack new bright impressions? Do you want to change something in your life or in your attitude to it? The best mean for raising the mood, the desire to live, create and develop are travels. A good book or movie can inspire you for this. We have prepared for you a selection of films, after watching which you will want to immediately pack your suitcase and go in the trip.

  1. “Eat, Pray, Love” (USA, 2010)


Perhaps someone will call this film too feminine, but it clearly shows how new countries, traditions and people can change our attitude to life and ourselves. For the main character played well by the famous Julia Roberts, it took almost a year of travel to gain inner harmony and self-confidence after a complex divorce and creative crisis. In Italy she enjoyed pizza and freedom, in India she meditated and prayed, and in Bali she has met real love. Who knows what kind of journey you need to make in life to find your happiness and peace of mind?

  1. “Midnight in Paris” (Spain, USA, 2011)


This is, perhaps, even more romantic film, because his main character, the beginning writer, feels like a person from the last century. By some miracle, on the streets of Paris at night he meets famous writers and artists of the early 20th century. His bride thinks that he has gone mad, and in the meantime he is fond of an extravagant woman from the past, and Hemingway himself is interested in his manuscript. The main character falls so much in love with Paris that decides to stay here forever and it is here he finds a soul mate. Perhaps you will also like Paris during the rain?

  1. “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” (USA, 2008)


It is an unusual movie, in which several love lines intertwined on the background of the beautiful landscapes and sights of the Spanish mecca. Perhaps someone will find the story slightly flippant, because here, in fact, three women fall in love with one man, and he, like a true Spaniard, cannot refuse any of them, but on the other hand, it looks like a non-standard holiday romance. The highlight of the film is the eccentric heroine of Penelope Cruz, who first agrees to share her ex-husband with other women, but later she is ready to shoot him. Barcelona looks in this film the most passionate and romantic city on the Earth.

  1. “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” (Germany, 1997)


After watching this thriller with elements of comedy and melodrama you immediately want to make all of your cherished dreams come true, not postponing them for later. I don’t even want to retell the story, because the movie is really worth seeing and feeling by yourself. In short: a couple of main characters who have nothing to lose in life, do the craziest things, only to see the sea. “On heaven there are only talks about the sea and the sunset. They say how damn cool it is to watch a huge fireball, how it melts in the waves, and barely visible light, as if from a candle, burns somewhere in the depths… “- these words of the protagonist have long become a well-known quote. So, if you haven’t been on the sea, you have not seen anything in your life. Now it is just the time to go to on the sea, enjoy the noise of the surf and the unique colors of the sunset!

  1. “The art of travel” (USA, 2008)


The protagonist of this adventure film, having learned about the betrayal of the bride, leaves her directly at the altar, leaves his studies and his calm life in the parents’ house and goes on a reckless journey around the world. He finds the same brave minded people and explores with them Central America, Nicaragua, Peru and Colombia. Then they go to Panama and Bolivia, conquer the impenetrable jungles and visit the mystical buildings of the Aztecs. The hero often finds himself in a difficult situation and even faces a deadly danger, but each time comes out “dry from the water” and continues his journey. Thanks to travels, he not only acquires himself, but also the meaning of life. And how far are you willing to go in search of adventure?