My love – Norway


Norway is the land of cold winds, fjords and trolls. And the Vikings! In no country in the world I haven’t seen such brutal men and tall, slender women. But I’ll tell you about everything in order.

This story is about Oslo. If you are a thrifty tourist, like me, I recommend you to buy a tourist card of Oslopass for 1-3 days. It is inexpensive, but with it you can go for free to interesting museums and take a look at other attractions. And what is important – all city transport is also included in the cost of this card. By the way it’s not cheap. For example, a ticket for the metro will cost you € 5-6.oslo-norway

The most important thing for which tourists go to Norway is, of course, nature. And in the first place are fjords, protected by UNESCO. These are great breathtaking creations of nature. The protrusions of the Trolltung (The Troll’s Tongue) and Prequestolene (The Pulpit of the Preacher), the stone of Kjeragolten are those places that you will dream about for a long time, and about which you will tell your friends. After all, in other parts of the world, there is no such beauty!

In general, if you read about trolls in childhood and wanted to meet them, then your dream came true. Trolls are everywhere here. Norwegians know about them in the smallest details. Sometimes it seems that they really exist. Wooden troll figurines can be found everywhere. There is a legend that the Trolltindy, Trollhalm, Trollheim, Jotunheim and others mountains were trolls that were turned into rocks.opera-house-oslo

What is worth tasting?

To visit Norway and not eat fish is a crime. You have to try the freshest salmon, cod, seafood, halibut. Fish are prepared for every taste here. You can have a snack of cold sandwiches also with fish. For fans of more exotic dishes there is the head of a ram or fermented trout. But I remember more brown cheese brunost. In Norway, it is eaten with bread and jam from berries or fruit. Very original snack.dinning-oslo

Because of the cold weather there is, of course, the lack of local fruits or vegetables in the country. But local cuisine is quite useful due to the high content of fish. That is why the average age of Norwegians is one of the highest in Europe.

What to see?vigeland-park-oslo

Be sure to visit the sculpture park Vigelandsparken, where the masterpieces of Vigeland are presented – huge nude statues of different colors and each with its own meaning. For me it was extremely wild, but the Norwegians quite normally perceive the naked body. Probably, because they love nature and everything natural.park-oslo

As in many European capitals, it is worth going to the Opera. It is truly beautiful here.

Fans of museums will be pleased with:

Norwegian Ethnographic Museum in the open air. In this museum, you seem to return to the past when the Vikings still lived. There are a lot of interesting expositions and streets with old houses. It is imbued with the spirit of Norway and an immense love for nature.

Museum of the polar ship “Fram”. It is located in Oslo on the Bugdyoy Peninsula. There you can not only see everything that the ship consists of, but also touch it with your hands. On this ship, you understand the difficulties that the discoverers had to face in those days. Overboard there were severe frosts below 50 degrees. The discoveries of those times were not easy for Norwegians.

Next to the Fram Museum is the Kon-Tiki Museum, it was opened in honor of Tour Heyerdahl. The main exhibit is the eponymous raft, on which Heyerdahl crossed the Pacific Ocean in 1947.oslofjord

What are they, Norwegians?

According to stereotypes, they are cold and closed people. And the stereotypes turned out to be true! Also they stand for gender equality in everything. Therefore, men should not give place to a woman in transport: otherwise they misunderstood and feel offended. In Norway, both parents take maternity leave. In fact, it is believed that it is necessary to bring up children together, not charging everything on mother. And if there is a divorce, the child lives the same time with each parent, usually week after week.

What must be done necessarily?

  • Be sure to go to the fjords!
  • Go fishing and catch a fresh fish. And do not forget to cook it.
  • If you are a party-goer, then you will like the nightlife of Oslo. Friday night in Oslo is very “hot.”
  • Climb to the roof of the Opera.
  • Feel Norway to love it and be sure to return.