Portugal is a country for connoisseurs of real rest


Golden clean beaches, green refreshing valleys, unique medieval fortresses and small fishing villages, majestic monasteries and ancient forests – even a very experienced traveler cannot resist Portugal.

In addition, there are not so many tourists here as in Spain, and the prices are much more pleasant. Therefore here you can relatively inexpensively relax, enjoy sightseeing without a crowd of tourists around and spend an unforgettable time!

Like other European countries, Portugal deserves to travel around the country, visiting different cities. Each of them has its own atmosphere and features. We offer you a fascinating route for your vacation:


It is worth to begin your journey, of course, from the capital – Lisbon. The local airport accepts a large number of international flights. For a tour of the city, it is worth highlighting at least a couple of days. Here you can ride on the famous yellow tram, listen to Fado, get acquainted with the Portuguese art azulezhu, and see the famous bridge on April 25 – very similar to the Golden Gate in San Francisco.Lisbon-bridge on April.jpg


Most tourist guides recommend staying in Cascais on the way from Lisbon to Sintra. But if you are not a typical tourist, but want to fully experience the spirit of Portugal, here it is worthwhile to stay. In Cascais there is very clean ocean, where you can meet many surfers. Also this city is famous for its cozy squares, where you can enjoy slow walking.


This city and its surroundings are a real reason for the pride of all the Portuguese. The most beautiful is the local architecture. Here you definitely cannot miss the colorful castle Pena, which served as the residence for the kings. After examining the luxurious chambers, you will go down to the picturesque garden, admire the lakes with swans and walk along the flowers-strewn paths. Plan your schedule so that at sunset you can get to Cape Roca. Until recently, you read about it in geography textbooks, and now you can see with your own eyes a place that was considered the end of the world for a long time.


This is a small city, located inside the fortress walls. Here people walk through narrow streets between snow-white houses, drink cherry liqueur, and – the most importantly – find oneself in a fabulous atmosphere thanks to the castle of Obidos. Today you can visit a costume show or a music festival dedicated to the works of medieval artists.


This is the second most popular city in Portugal after Lisbon, a kind of “northern capital”, the birthplace of port wine. Here you can spend an evening for a glass of wine, learning from the lucky Portuguese the secrets of a carefree life. Fans of unusual rest will be interested in excursions to local wineries and the opportunity to prepare wine yourself by squeezing the grapes with their feet.


This is the former residence of the Portuguese Templars. You can find features of different eras and styles in the architecture of the castle. Here you can try monastic food and take part in costume performances. It is in this city that the oldest synagogue in the country is located.

And not far from it there is a small island with another castle. According to the legends, somewhere here there are untold treasures, so here you can meet a lot of romantics who try to find them.

Portugal is a country where you understand the real meaning of the word “rest”. Here you do not want to fuss, think about work and everyday worries. Just relax and enjoy the flow of life.