Return to the center of Europe (part 1)


As I promised, I returned to the main city of western Ukraine: less than in three years. )) Although, just three years later. My goal was to show this beautiful European city to my son. 11 years old, I think, is a good age to absorb the most vivid impressions, like a sponge.

Me and Jony had four and a half days and four nights for everything.

As a romantic person on the eve of the trip, I tried to find through my colleagues in Lviv Alexander, about who I wrote in the previous story. Moreover, as a stubborn person, I continued to search him in Lviv itself. I repeatedly crossed a pedestrian crossing near the Lviv Opera, where I met Sasha three years ago, but a miracle did not happen and he did not show up… In general, he like sank to the water. But the story is not about him, it is about the city, from which I brought to my memory a “pouch of love”.

Lviv is real the center of Europe. Historically, international trade routes were crossed here; the city was under the rule of Austria, Germany and Poland. Here, even Ukrainians are not the same as, for example, in eastern or southern Ukraine. More Europeanized or something.


Lviv is also one of the most romantic cities in Europe. For example, very few people know that the prototype of Shakespeare’s Juliet was a Lviv woman named Julia. Here there is its own, Lviv, monument to lovers who inspired the great Shakespeare.


And on the square of love, each couple can hang a lock of “indestructible love” on a huge heart of metal. The inscription under it sounds: “Love, like life, is a gift from God.”


The first day

On the eve of the trip, I booked inexpensive apartments in the heart of Lviv on the site We arrived in Lviv at 8.00 am, and we were assigned to settle in the apartment at 13.00. We travel light (with two backpacks), so we reached to the very center of the city (on the ancient Rynok Square) from the railway station by the tram in 10 minutes.


Here it was possible to leave the luggage in the storage room, but we decided to “carry everything with us”. Taking a discount morning coffee for 5 UAH in the restaurant “Shvidky” (Open), we went on an exciting two-hour tour around the city center and the dungeons of Lviv. In principle, if you immediately buy a guide of the city at a local souvenir or book store, you will not need guides. But, on the other hand, they know so many legends and fascinating stories about the city that you will not regret the money spent. We bypassed the most significant buildings of the historical part of the city, which, by the way, is an architectural monument of UNESCO, visited the “Kopalnia kavi” (I wrote about it in the previous article) and caught ghosts in the dungeons of the Dominican Cathedral. You will not believe, but on the photo, that one of the tourists made, there was a translucent cloud that you cannot see with an unaided eye. Perhaps it was the soul of one of the beauties who were executed in these dungeons in the Middle Ages.


Having a lunch at the “Shvidkiy” restaurant on Rynok Square, which operates on the principle of a buffet (and here everything is delicious and inexpensive), we went to our apartment, the windows of which went directly to the Latin Cathedral. Only for 500 UAH per day at our disposal was a cozy studio apartment with a mansard, kitchen and bathroom with all the necessary equipment, air conditioning, satellite TV and Wi-Fi. And the beds were so comfortable that after long walks we slept “without legs”.

After resting, having bath and dressed up, we went for a walk to Freedom Avenue, where there are a monument to Taras Shevchenko and building of one of the most beautiful theaters in Europe – the Lviv Opera Theater of Solomiya Krushelnytska. On the eve of the trip, I bought tickets for the ballet “The Return of the Butterfly” (by the Internet) exactly about the world famous Ukrainian opera diva Krushelnytska. But suddenly I discovered that I had absolutely nothing to wear for go to such a bohemian place, and I with my son went to the shopping center “Magnus”, where I bought a beautiful blue dress with a pearl flower on the chest and small pearl earrings. I put my glasses on my nose to better examine everything from the balcony of the third tier, and with my young companion I went to the Melpomene temple…


(To be continued)