All roads lead to Rome


Many travelers dream to visit the legendary city with a centuries-old history – the capital of Italy – Rome. My dream came true and I offer you my Roman vacation variant, even if you have only a couple of days for it.

The most popular season for traveling to Rome is from April to October, as well as Christmas and New Year’s holidays. If you plan to relax at this time of the year and want to have a good choice of several offers, you have to think about renting a habitation at least 2-3 months before the trip. I was in Rome in the spring, so I booked a hotel room in advance. The most convenient way to do this is

So, what you need and you can see in Rome for one weekend. I offer you my top-7 sights of the “Eternal City”.

1. Vatican


The Vatican is not just a city in the city, it’s a small state inside a big city. St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican stretched in the form of two semicircles in front of one of the main Catholic shrines – St. Peter’s Cathedral. Thousands of Catholics from all over the world gather on St. Peter’s Square to listen to the pope’s speech live. The museum complex of the Vatican has about two dozen museums and exhibition halls. The real treasure of the Vatican is the Sistine Chapel. Right here you can see the breathtaking works of Sandro Botticelli, Pinturicchio and Michelangelo. I advise you to come to the Vatican early in the morning, so that you will have time for Rome itself, as well as to buy tickets in advance – in the Internet, so as not to lose precious time in queues. You can visit St. Peter’s Cathedral free of charge, while in museums and the Sistine Chapel you need to buy tickets. The ticket price is about 20 euros.

2. Pantheon


This monument of architecture will make an indelible impression on you. It is interesting that the Pantheon, built in 126, was created as a pagan temple, but in the era of Christianity it was consecrated and became a Christian cathedral. Surprisingly, the interior decoration of the church is still well preserved. The Pantheon is located in Piazza della Rotonda, you can visit it free of charge from 8:30 to 19:30 on weekdays and from 9:00 to 18:00 on Sunday. The nearest metro station is Barberini.

3. Navona Square


Not far from the Pantheon there is the world-famous Roman Square of Navona or Piazza Navona. This place is a real embodiment of baroque with all the sophistication and luxury of this architectural style. There are several palaces of the XVII century, two churches and the Fountain of four rivers there. According to Bernini’s project of the fountain there are statues of the river gods of the four great world rivers: the Danube (Europe), the Ganges (Asia), the La Plata (America) and the Nile (Africa). Since the 15th century Navona Square was a place of commerce. Carnival processions were always held here, and during the French occupation there were horse competitions. Now the market on Piazza Navona works only during the Christmas holidays. This is a very atmospheric place to take a walk and take a picture with the whole family.

4. Trevi Fountain


But the most beautiful and popular among tourists fountain of Rome is the Trevi Fountain. It serves as the original element of the Palazzo Poli facade. The height of this fountain composition is 26 meters, and the width is almost 20 meters. Every day crowds of tourists gather around the fountain to make a memorable selfie, to throw a coin in it for happiness or to drink water from the “tubules of lovers” located on the right side of the fountain. But do not try to swim in the famous fountain, otherwise you will have to pay a fine of 200 euros! Trevi Fountain is located on the Piazza di Trevi: for this you need to go from Via del Corso to Via delle Muratte.

5. Vittoriano


An unhurried walk through the boutiques of Corso will lead you to the square of Venice, where you will find the luxurious white palace of Vittoriano. This monument of architecture was built in honor of the first King of Italy, Victor Emmanuel II, who ascended the throne after the unification of the lands. Vittoriano impresses with its beauty and grandeur. Usually, you can come here and rise to the panoramic platform completely free.

6. Coliseum


Well, the obligatory place of pilgrimage of tourists is the grand symbol of Rome – the Coliseum. In former times there were gladiator fights and tens of thousands of thirsty spectacles of the Romans gathered here, but today it is a dilapidated construction. Nevertheless, a lot of people wish to get inside the famous amphitheater, so I advise you to buy tickets also in advance – in the Internet. The Coliseum opens at 9:00, and closes (depending on the season) an hour before sunset. You can walk to the Coliseum on foot from the Vittoriano Palace, past the Capitoline Hill and the picturesque ruins of the Roman Forum, which are also worth seeing.

7. The Explora Museum and the amusement park

If you come to Rome with children, you will find entertainment for them too. I advise you to take them to the Children’s Museum Explora or to the amusement park. In the popular science museum Explora, your children could free to play, experiment with various techniques, touch everything with their hands, at the same time getting acquainted with the laws of physics and other sciences. This scientific-play town is located at Via Flaminia, 82, near the Villa Borghese park. You can get here by metro (line A) to the Fermata Flaminio station. The admission ticket costs 8 euros. The Children’s Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00, in August – from 12:00 to 17:00. Weekends: Monday, January 1, December 25 and August 13-15.

In the famous Roman amusement park there are more than 130 different attractions. The scale of this amusement park is quite comparable with such large and famous amusement parks as Disney, Universal, Legoland. The Roman amusement park is located at Via delle Tre Fontane, 100.

And of course, walking around Rome, you can taste real Italian pizza or lasagna, as well as pamper yourself with a glass of Italian wine or a national dessert – tiramisu.

In fact, to study all the sights of the “Eternal City”, you will not have enough for a month. Therefore, Rome is the place where you want to return more than once. No wonder they say that all roads lead to Rome.