Stone jungle of sultry Jakarta


If you like exotic holidays, we recommend you to visit Indonesia. Its capital, Jakarta, is like a real hive. It is very hot, cramped, noisy, with huge skyscrapers, as in America, and automobile traffic in the best Asian traditions. From all this you feel dizzy.

When we arrived in Jakarta, one of our biggest surprises was the exchange rate. For $ 100, there are approximately 1 million 200 thousand Indonesian rupees. This is where you can truly feel like a millionaire!

Unfortunately, there are constant traffic jams in the city, so you can stand in the jam for half a day. But local entrepreneurs found a benefit. They developed a special application for smartphones, through which you can order everything with delivery directly to your traffic jam. This may be cosmetics, haircuts, styling, tickets for various transports, food and so on.


If you imagined that the capital of Indonesia is a paradise island, overgrown with a jungle, with exotic animals and aborigines in skirts running around them, then I want to upset you. Modern Jakarta is, of course, a jungle, but made of steel, glass and concrete. These are highways, banks, 5-star hotels and skyscrapers of intricate shapes. The city is very beautiful. We did not expect that it is so progressive.


In Jakarta, summer is unbearable heat and humidity, which turns your walking in real hell. And now add here unpleasant smells from what decomposes in local rivers. And add absolutely ugly traffic on the roads. Here, no one is inferior. After an hour you realize that being a pedestrian in Jakarta is difficult.

The most interesting places, of course, are located in the central part of the city. First, it is the presidential palace. We wanted to take a closer look at it, but as it turned out, it cannot be approached even by 50 meters.


But where you can walk freely is on a pedestrian tourist street. There you can buy all sorts of things, tell fortunes by hand, and gaze at various performances.

All tourists go, of course, to the main square of Jakarta, on which the Monument of Independence stands. As planned, it was supposed to be a new wonder of the world. But it seems that they lacked either money or fantasy. Therefore, it turned out just a white column with a height more than 130 meters. At its top there is a concrete flame, covered with real gold. At the top there is also an observation deck from which you can look at the city from a bird’s eye view.


We really liked the Taman-Mini ethnographic park. This structure represents the whole of Indonesia, made in miniature. Feel yourself like a giant here.


Visit also Chinatown, where one of the most ancient Chinese temples stands – Jing-Yuan. The remains of the Taoist saints rest here. Also you can buy all sorts of cheap Chinese souvenirs and gifts in this quarter.


You can also visit various temples, museums, parks. They are a lot of in the capital of Indonesia.

We were surprised, but in Jakarta, drivers pay money to fellow travelers. We needed to get from the center to the outskirts of the city, and we decided to catch a ride. So, for this we also received money. And all because the driver needs to carry at least 3 people in the cabin in order to drive along the highway. And the driver will reach faster, and we get a plus.

Now Jakarta is a modern metropolis. But we climbed into the place where we saw how people live outside the civilization. This is the port of Sunda Kelapa. There is a village with local port workers. It is difficult to call houses, rather, it is slums on rusty piles. These are the poorest people who just sleep on the floor. They all feed on fish caught right in the bay and even sell it. But when we saw where exactly this fish was caught, we had a shock. The water in the bay is just awful. It consists of emissions from factories and sewers from the city. This is the reverse side of Jakarta.


And about the food. In Jakarta, as everywhere, the cheapest and most exotic food is street food. From acceptable to me – it is clams, crabs, mussels. But from the exotic – sea stalk. In appearance, it looks like a live worm in a straw. Ugly, but they say it’s delicious. They are sold alive, but then cooking on your eyes in a pan with various spices and vegetables.


Jakarta is an amazing city, but not suitable for all tourists. It’s hot, humid, but enough interesting to come back again.