The Amazing Prague


The capital of the Czech Republic is beautiful, but especially in the spring it looks like the sunniest, brightest and most affable city in Europe. Prague is unique with its endless red roofs and medieval cathedrals; it is famous for its delicious Czech beer and beherovka. It’s cozy and festive here.

I was fortunate to visit Prague in the spring, to see it green, flowering and renewed. You can rent here an electric bike for 9 euros per hour and ride about the atmospheric streets of this medieval European city. What did I see from the main sights of Prague?

St. Vitus Cathedral


This masterpiece of Gothic architecture is the main shrine of the Czech Republic and the residence of the Archbishop of Prague. This cathedral has been built for six centuries, and now it is considered an outstanding creation of architecture in Western Europe. The cathedral is located in Prague Castle. You can get here by walking from Malostranskaya Square or by tram No. 22 to the stop “Prague Castle” (Pražský hrad).

The “Staré Město” District


“Staré Město” or the Old Town is the most famous district of ​​Prague, in which a large number of attractions are concentrated. Every tourist who has arrived in the capital of the Czech Republic, strives to visit the old town first of all. In this area there is a unique example of Prague’s modernist style – the Public House, built on the site of the ruins of the Royal Court.

On the main square of the district – Staromestskaya – there is the town hall, on the southern wall of which the main clock of the city is installed. It is unusual astronomical chimes called Orloj. The dial here is a model of the cosmos, which the medieval Europeans imagined it to be. In fact, it is completely unclear what time the chimes shows, but the tourists, as enchanted, are standing here and waiting for the performance of this clock. Every hour, at the top of the clock, the windows open and 12 apostles “pass” in them. Other figures also start moving.


On the east side of the square there is the Gothic temple of the Virgin Mary in front of Tyn with two pointed towers. And in the northern part of the square there is a monument of the famous preacher Jan Hus. Here you can see also the Church of St. James, which houses the largest and oldest organ in the Czech Republic. In the Old Town there are several interesting museums: the Museum of Czech Cubism, the Smetana Museum, the Naprstek Historical and Cultural Museum and the Kafka Museum.

Charles Bridge


The famous Charles Bridge connects two historical districts of Prague – Staré Město and Malá Strana. On the east side of the bridge there is a massive tower with a Gothic arch. Above it there are shields with the emblems of the lands of the Holy Roman Empire and sculptural portraits of the kings Charles IV and Wenceslas IV. On the western side there are also two medieval towers. On the upper tier of one of them there is an observation deck, which offers a beautiful view of the city.

Charles Bridge is decorated with 30 sculptures in the Baroque style, which depict the Czech saints and legendary personalities. The most famous is the bronze figure of Jan Nepomuk, the saint patron of the Czech Republic. The bas-relief of the dog on this pedestal is already rubbed to shine, as all tourists tend to touch it to make a wish. Charles Bridge has long become a pedestrian zone, where artists, souvenir dealers and guides work.

Singing Fountains


Every evening from April to November near the exhibition complex of Prague you can see a unique show of singing and dancing colorful fountains. They are also called Krizik Fountain. The repertoire of fountains is the widest: from classics to rock and pop music, as well as soundtracks from famous movies. In addition to dancing fountains, you can see beautiful video projections on the water screen, as well as enjoy the performances of the best dance groups in the Czech Republic. Bright and unforgettable emotions are guaranteed to you!

The nearest metro station to the fountains is Nadrazi Holesovice (line C) or the tram stop Vystaviste (trams No. 12, 17 and 24). The ticket for the fountain show costs 10 euros, for children under 6 years old are free.

Prague for children

If you travel with children, Prague will surprise them, too. For example, here there is the unique Toy Museum. Here you can find more than 2 thousand old and modern toys, many of which you can touch with your hands.

The museum is located on Jirska 4, the nearest metro station is Malostranska (line A) or the tram stop Prazsky (trams No. 18, 22, 23). A ticket to the museum costs about 5 euros, for children – 3 euros.

No less impressive is the Prague Zoo, which is one of the largest zoos in Europe. Here there is a huge unique pavilion “Indonesian jungle”, which recreates the atmosphere of the tropical jungle. It is also the only zoo in Europe where giant Galapagos turtles live. In the southern part of the zoo there is the “Children’s Zoo”, in which your children can feed pets. Here they can ride a children’s railway or play in the children’s playgrounds, too. In the Prague Zoo, you can spend a whole day unnoticed. You can get here by bus № 112 from the metro station Nádraží Holešovice (red branch) or on the free express with the inscription ZOO. A ticket to the zoo costs about 10 euros, for children – 6 euros.


In Prague there is the biggest aqua park in Europe – AquaPalace. It consists of the “Palace of Waves”, “Palace of Adventures” and “Palace of Relaxation.” Unforgettable rest and numerous entertainments here will please both children and adults. In the aqua park there are a lot of water slides and pools, a diving center, 14 saunas and various SPA-procedures. The aqua park is located in the suburbs of Prague, in the town of Cestlice. You can get here on the free aquabus, which leaves every hour every day from the metro station Opatov, or by buses № 328, 363, 385 from the station Opatov in the direction of Čestlice, Aquapalace.

Prague is amazing and exciting, bright and unique. To feel it, it is necessary to visit it. Prague made the best impression on me. I am sure that you will also like the capital of the Czech Republic!