TOP-10 places to visit in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China in the south-east of the country with a population of more than 7 million people, a former British colony. This vibrant, densely populated city is a major seaport and a global financial center, the silhouette of which is formed by numerous skyscrapers. But what else is worth seeing in this vibrant metropolis?

  1. Yick Fat Building

It is a public housing apartment building with a pop culture relevance. The building has long been a gem  for photographers. It presents typical life of Hong Kong residents.

2. Victoria Peak

It is the 552-meters hill overlooking Hong Kong. We recommend to buy “Peak Tram Sky Pass” that includes The Peak Tram and “Sky Terrace 428 for only 77 HK$ (approx. 10 USD). The Peak Tram was Asia’s first funicular railway and it began operating in 1888. It remains one of the oldest and steepest tramways in the world.

Once you get to the Peak we recommend seeing Sky Terrace which offers spectacular 360 panoramic views on Hong Kong.

You can return from Victoria Peak by double-decker bus to avoid the crowd waiting to the tram and to experience beautiful views toward the sea, islands and the city.

3. Hong Kong Park

It is a public park and oasis in the middle of Hong Kong Central District, right under Victoria Peak. It provides a relaxing environment with its Tai Chi garden, aviary, artificial waterfall, a sport center and many others surprises. It is hard to believe you are in a big city when you are in the park.

4. Wong Tai Sin Temple

It is primarily a Taoist temple, but it also has Buddhist and Confucian worshipping halls. It is said that if you make a wish here, it might come true. There are many points to see there, for example: Main Altar, Good Wish Garden, the two-story fortune telling arcade, and many others sights to discover.

5. Tian Tan Buddha

This 34-meter Tian Tan Buddha Statue, known as The Big Buddha, was built in 1993, and is a major centre of Buddhism in Hong Kong. Usually, Buddha statues face south, but this one faces north, supposedly to look over Chinese people. There are 268 steps to reach the platform of this remarkable statue.

There are also six smaller bronze statues knows as “The Offering of the Six Devas”. They are kneeing and offering Buddha the flowers, incense, lamp, ointment, fruit and music, symbolizing the “Six Perfections” – which are: generosity, morality, patience, zeal, meditation and wisdom. According to the Buddhism, there are necessary to enter nirvana. 

6. Fishing village Tai O

Tai O is one of the few remaining fishing villages in Hong Kong. It is also called the Venice of Hong Kong, because of its stilt houses 19th century with unique settings. Tai O is known for its fishing culture with seafood market and salted egg yolks, salted dry fish, and shrimp paste which they dry under the sun. You will experience a very different Hong Kong from high rises and city life.

7. Kowloon Walled City Park

After the Second World War an influx of immigrants occupied Kowloon. The city was well known for drugs, prostitution, criminal hide-outs, small shops, dentists, and doctors without license, etc. The police would rarely enter the city, because it had secret staircases and maze of passages with their own laws. An estimated 33 000 people lived within the Walled City and it was the densest populated area in the world. In 1987 the authorities decided to demolish it. They started in 1993. And two years later they opened a park.

8. A Symphony of Lights

It is recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s “Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show” that celebrates the energy, spirit and diversity of Hong Kong. This multimedia show involves more than 40 buildings on both sides of the Victoria harbor. It starts at 8 p.m. every day.

9. Bruce Lee Statue

It is memorial figure to honor deceased martial artist Bruce Lee. The statue is located in the Avenue of Stars that pays tribute to the names that helped make Hong Kong the “Hollywood of the East”.

10. Macau

You can visit Las Vegas of China by ferry from Hong Kong. Macau is the largest gaming area in the world, with the largest casino in the world, The Venetian Macau. But don’t forget to exchange your money from Hong Kong Dollars to Macanese Patacas.

Have a nice and unforgettable journey to Hong Kong!