Venice without a mask


Venice is one of the most popular cities among tourists from all over the world. Someone comes here to the famous carnival, and someone – on a romantic weekend. Television and tourist booklets show this Italian city on the water from the very best sides. But is Venice really so charming? I suggest you look at Venice without a mask!

I traveled to Italy in the spring and I had only three days for everything. Nevertheless, I managed to visit three the most beautiful Italian cities: Milan, Rome and Venice. Between cities I traveled by high-speed trains. And here’s my first life hack: from Rome to Venice there is a comfortable night train, which will cost you no more than a decent hostel. At the same time in the compartment there are only two large beds, a washbasin, a mirror, sockets and even disposable slippers.


I arrived in Venice early in the morning, when the streets of the city were still almost empty, and souvenir shops and cafes had not opened yet. The first thing I saw was rubbish piles on the sidewalks, apparently after the city’s tumultuous nightlife. But, when in the evening I returned the same route back, there was no garbage.

After walking for several hours around the city, I realized that the main mode of transportation here is your own legs, as there is no traditional public transport in Venice. So be ready to walk a lot! Therefore, prepare comfortable shoes. At the same time, some streets of the city are so narrow, and there are so many tourists by noon that sometimes you will have to make your way through the crowd.

However, this only applies to dry land. On the water, of course, you can ride on a real Venetian gondola, but this pleasure costs 100 euros for half an hour! The ferry is much cheaper, but it is usually crowded with people.


The second thing that caught my eye: in Venice there is absolutely no greenery (no bushes, no trees, only buildings) and birds, except pigeons on the famous San Marco square.

Third: be prepared for the fact that everything is very expensive in Venice. Therefore, choosing where to have a snack, look for cafes away from the tourist center. For example, I was tempted by one of the cozy cafes on the waterfront and, having spent 20 euros, I stayed half-starved.


Getting to Venice, you realize that this is just a widely advertised ancient city on the water. Certainly, it has its own charm and romance, but no more than Paris or another well-known European city. No, Venice did not disappoint me; I just have seen it as it really is – without a chic carnival mask.

By the way, about the masks. Like gondolas, this is one of the main attributes of Venice. Here they are for every taste and purse: you can buy a chic mask with a carnival costume, or you can buy an cheap magnet on the fridge in the form of a mask.


However, if you go on a trip to Italy, Venice is worth to visit. After all, only here you can see the luxurious cathedrals of San Marco and Santa Maria della Salute, the famous Grand Canal and the Doge’s Palace, a romantic bridge of sighs and much more. And in general, not every day you can see a whole city on the water.


Moreover, according to observations of scientists, Venice every year more and more immersed in the water and by the end of the XXI century, it risks being flooded by the Adriatic Sea. Until this happens, the flow of tourists to the “pearl of Italy” does not stop. Just do not expect from the trip something supernatural: then you definitely will not be disappointed in Venice, and maybe even love it with all your heart.