Vilnius: attractions for every taste


Vilnius is an incredible place where the classics of ancient Europe and modern technologies are combined. This is not surprising, because so many nationalities live here. In addition to the Lithuanians, there are Poles, Jews and Belarusians, who have made adjustments to the city throughout the history.


In Vilnius, you can meet exhibitions of modern art and monuments of ancient architecture, classic restaurants and ultramodern clubs. The city is perfect for admirers of a relaxing family holiday, and for those who want to spend time actively.


You can travel alone or take a tour with a guide. I would like to note that it is much more interesting to visit other countries alone, because in this way you can get away from standard tourist routes and plunge into the magical atmosphere of the streets, where Lithuanians slowly stroll, drink coffee and watch people from a cafe.


Lithuania: interesting in any season

Despite the fact that Lithuania is characterized by sharp temperature fluctuations, there is always something to see and where to go. The best time, of course, is the second half of April to the end of June, September-October, Christmas and New Year holidays.

Lithuania is one of the few European countries where you can reach by land. For example, by car, by train and by bus. Also you will be pleased with discounts from low-cost airlines in this direction. If you prepare in advance for the trip, you can buy tickets with a big discount.


Vilnius: where to stay

When you will search for housing we recommend choosing areas in proximity to the historical center of Vilnius. The Old Town is exactly what you need. The capital itself is divided into 21 districts, which are located on both sides of the Näri River. On the left bank are located the main historical attractions: Castle Hill, Cathedral Square, the Church of St. Cazimir, the Church of St. Anne. The Old Town is mostly filled with baroque buildings.


On the right bank you can find the business center of the city, high-rise luxury hotels, shopping centers and shops.


Vilnius is often chosen by tourists from post-Soviet countries as the first travel destination. Why?

Everything is very simple. There are several reasons for this:

  • A lot of Russian-speaking people.
  • Friendly attitude to tourists and visitors from the countries of the former USSR.
  • Affordable prices for food and accommodation, unlike other European countries.
  • Loyal visa conditions.
  • Cheap tickets.

Vilnius: must-have attractions

In addition to the preparation of documents, luggage and purchase of air tickets, it is necessary to think over the route in advance. After all, it will depend on it that you will have time to look, and how rich your trip will be. We can highlight the top mandatory places to visit in Vilnius:

  • Gedimin Tower. Purpose: to look at the city from the observation deck and make beautiful photos.
  • Museum of arts and crafts. Purpose: to visit unique modern exhibitions.
  • Town Hall Square. Purpose: soak up the atmosphere of the city with its cafes, shops and fountains.
  • Church of All Saints, Church of St. Anne, Church of St. Catherine. Purpose: to get acquainted with various architectural styles, to go through the iconic places of the Old City.
  • New Vilnius. You can go to the other side of the Old Town and see that Vilnius is not only a city filled with historical sights, but also a modern commercial and financial center of the country.

Choosing Vilnius for the trip, you can be sure that you will get unforgettable emotions and fall in love with the atmosphere of this city. Vilnius is a kaleidoscope of designer shops, modern museums, galleries and famous cathedrals. Do not delay the trip. Let’s go together!