What to do in Madrid?


Madrid is the capital of Spain and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. This city can cause a variety of feelings in tourists. But not indifference. We will advise you what it is better to see here, where it is delicious to eat and what can inspire you so that to return from Madrid with the most vivid impressions.

Start everything “from zero”spain-madrid

The square of ​​the Sun Gate (in Spanish – Puerta del Sol) was not in vain received such a name. Previously, it served as the eastern entrance to the city, and now it is from here the rays of the most interesting streets begin. In the center of the square there is an equestrian statue of Charles III. The zero kilometer of Spain is also located here. Locals choose the Sun Gate if they need to meet in the center, and tourists begin their unforgettable journey from here.edificio-de-correos-madrid

Have breakfast like a Spaniard

If you want to meet a new day as if you lived all your life in Madrid, nothing will do better than the San Gines chocolate. For more than 120 years, the best chiross and lasso have been prepared here. What is it? In Spain you will know it certainly!

Feel the rhythm of Gran Viaspain-madrid-Gran-Via

This is the main street of Madrid, and therefore all the most popular institutions, boutiques, casinos are located right here. You cannot go past the Museo Chicote. Before you Sinatra, Hemingway, Dali and other world celebrities visited it. And some of them you can still meet in the cocktail bar. Walking along this street, you will reach the Square of Cervantes. It is worth to admire the monument to Miguel Cervantes. Don’t hold yourself in a desire to pull the donkey Sancho Panza by the tail.madrid-cervantes

Visit the “triangle of arts”

One trip is not enough to get around all the Madrid museums and galleries. Therefore, we can limit ourselves to the minimum program – the “triangle of the arts.” First, this is the Prado Museum, where there are more than two thousand paintings by famous masters, such as Bosch, Goya, Rubens and others. A little later, you should visit the Thyssen-Bornemisza Gallery. Particularly it will be appreciated by fans of the works of Pollock, Picasso, Chagall and, of course, Van Gogh. And certainly you cannot ignore the museum of Queen Sofia. Here you can get acquainted with the works of contemporary Spanish and foreign artists.madrid-museum-Prado

If these three museums will be not enough for you, look in the Royal Palace of Madrid. There is a lot of interesting to see here, especially if the Stradivari and Caravaggio names are important to you.

Relax in city parksmadrid-park

If you come to Madrid in the warm season, during a break between studies of the stone jungle, it’s worth finding time to relax in the greenery of the parks. The most spacious and popular is the Casa de Campo. Its dimensions are 5 times biger than the Central Park in New York! There is everything: attractions, a lake and even a zoo.

The Retiro Park is smaller in size, but is much closer to the center. It is also very picturesque; here you can refresh yourself near fountains or swim in a boat. And in the suburbs of Madrid there is an amusement park from Warner Brothers. It’s definitely worth a visit if you travel with children.

Cheer on your favorite teammadrid-football-stadium

Fans of the football team “Atletico” traditionally gather near the Neptune fountain to rejoice at the achievements of their favorite team. But the fans of the “Real” triumphantly bath in the fountain “Sibeles”. If you did not manage to attend the match at the famous arena “Santiago Bernabeu”, you can order an excursion – to walk along the same lawn where Ronaldo was training yesterday, visit the presidential box and buy souvenirs.

To list all the interesting places in Madrid, it will take more than an hour. And to visit them – a few days. This city definitely deserves your attention and at least a few days of vacation!