What you need to take with you on a trip


Are you going on vacation or a business trip and start packing your suitcase? What should you take with you first? Passport and money, you say. No, not only this. There are a number of things that you can hardly buy in another country or have to overpay. Here are the main ones.

1. Medicines

We recommend you stock up on a whole first-aid kit, even if you do not need it. Take medications for headaches, indigestion, antipyretic, peroxide, iodine, and plasters. And, of course, those individual medicines that you take all the time.

2. Sun protection

If you go to warmer climes and plan to spend a lot of time on the beach and go for a walk in the afternoon, then in order not to turn into a fried chicken, you need to take in the trip sunscreen and sprays after sunburn. And, of course, do not forget about hats and light capes and T-shirts that will cover your shoulders, chest and back. The sun is not always good for the skin.

3. Seasonal clothing

Before you go to a new city, it’s very easy to see the weather forecast for this place on the Internet. Do not forget that in the evening it is usually colder than in the afternoon. Therefore, even if you fly to hot Egypt, a warm tracksuit for the evening or a windbreaker and jeans will not hurt you.

4. Comfortable shoes

It is very important that your shoes, in which you plan to walk many kilometers in a new city, have to be comfortable and tested. Do not bring along new shoes that you have not yet experienced. In summer, it is convenient to bring closed sandals with a low stroke, and in spring and autumn – sneakers.

If you go to the sea, find out what kind of beach and entry into the water there. You may need special rubber shoes so as not to shatter your feet on corals and stones.

5. Raincoat

It takes up much less space than an umbrella, and will always be at your fingertips. For example, the weather is very changeable in spring and summer in Europe, and rain can catch you at any time. Throwing a raincoat in a bag, you will never get into trouble.

6. Charging for the phone

It is clear that today no one imagines his life without a telephone. In order to always be in touch and take beautiful photos, do not forget to put a charger for the phone in your suitcase, and preferably two.

7. Photocopies of documents in electronic form

Before the trip, we recommend you make photocopies of all your documents and save them in electronic form, for example, in your mail. If, God forbid, you lose documents, you will be able to restore them faster and solve the problems with copies.

8. Good mood


Without it, no journey would be a joy. Even if you forget something from the above list, a good mood and resourcefulness will always help you!