Where to go in Stockholm?


Stockholm is an amazing city; it is located on 14 islands that make up the vast archipelago of the Baltic Sea and connected by more than 50 bridges. The capital of Sweden is in the TOP-10 of the most expensive cities in the world and, nevertheless, attracts many tourists. We will tell you what is worth visiting here first.stockholm

Stockholm is the northern city. In winter, it gets dark very early here, and it dawns late. Geopsychologists claim that people who live in such conditions are prone to depression and depressed states. This greatly affects the character of the local population. There is little sun here. Perhaps that is why the houses are painted in yellow, burgundy, chocolate color. So the city seems warmer.

Do you remember that it is in Stockholm where Carlson lives? We are all little children, so if you want, you can order a tour of the roof, where he lives. We were surprised, but in Sweden Carlson is a negative character. After all, the Swedes believe that he is too harmful and incites children to do bad things. That’s it, and we think he’s cute. This is Swedish mentality, strict and correct.

We noticed that there are almost no curtains or blinds on the windows in Stockholm. Maybe they were, but we did not see them closed. So you can look into other people’s windows as much as you want.Metro_Stockholm

In our opinion, one of the attractions of the city is the metro. At many stations you can stay for a long time, looking at the original design. One of the stations reminded us of a museum made in antique style. All stations are cut down in the rocks, so you can see real stones from the inside. Each station is unique, no two are alike. There is a station in a cave with a small ship in a shop window, with a unique design with lamps or with walls, as if the children painted them with colored pencils. By the way, to ride the subway one way, you have to pay about $ 5.Stockholm_metro

Many tourists are attracted to the Stockholm City Hall. After all, it is a symbol of the city. From its site you can see the city in full view. Every Swedish tourist has a photo on the background of the city hall.Stockholm City Hall

The highlight of Stockholm is Grona Lund Tivoli Park – the oldest amusement park in the city. A variety of slides and swings will take you back to your childhood, and children will be delighted.Grona Lund Tivoli Park

To plunge into the unusual history of Sweden, visit the Museum of alcohol (Spritmuseum). You can get acquainted with the alcohol culture of this country and visit the interactive exhibition “Alcoholic Country Sweden”. Stockholm_SpritmuseumYou can look at the old equipment that was used in the preparation of wine and other alcohol. By the way, now in Sweden alcoholic drinks are sold only on weekdays and in specialty stores. Because of this the Swedes pre-stocked drinks to relax on the weekends.Spritmuseum_Stockholm

Biblioteksgatan Street is the main tourist spot for hiking and shopping. A huge number of shops will not leave indifferent any shopaholic. And in the long evenings you can just leisurely stroll here. The street is brightly blessed with lanterns, while locals and tourists rest on the numerous benches. Very romantic place.Biblioteksgatan_Street

It was difficult for us to find street food in the classical sense in Stockholm. All people usually have lunch in cafes and restaurants. But they are quite expensive. The guide told us that if we find places where the Turks are the owners, the food there is much cheaper. Traditional Swedish cuisine in Stockholm is not so much. Those who are poorer, tourists and expats, eat more American food. For the middle class, there are mainly restaurants of Italian cuisine. And only the rich afford something original.stockholm-food

Swedes are simply ecologically obsessed. All citizens separately collect garbage and everyone knows exactly how much carbon dioxide his car throws out. Therefore, the streets are quite clean and comfortable.

We managed to visit the original tourist institution – the ice bar. It is all made of ice: cups, glasses, bar and walls. At the entrance you will be given warm clothes to keep warm, because the temperature inside is -5 degrees. To enter there, you need to pay a fixed price, which includes drinks at the bar. But the temperature does not allow to sit there for a long time, so a couple of drinks – and run to warm up outside. When you will be in Stockholm, be sure to look into the ice bar.Stockholm_ice_bar

Stockholm is a very expensive city, but it’s definitely worth to visit. Here you can be surprised even with the simplest things.