The whole of Versailles just for me


Hello! My name is Vita and I like to travel. I want to tell you one of the interesting episodes of my trip to Paris.

They say that you have to go to Paris with your loved one. I have gone to capital of all enamored with … my mum. 🙂 In fact, this is the most beloved person who will never betray you. Well, something I digress from the topic.

Walking a couple of days in Paris to the buzz of the feet and visiting all of its main attractions, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame, Sacré-Coeur, Montmartre, etc., on the third day we decided to go out of town – to the famous Versailles.

Fortune smiled at us from the very beginning of the trip. The fact is that by buying tickets for the city subway, we somehow managed to get with these tickets at a suburban train, which costs more. On the way nobody checked our tickets. The journey took no more than half an hour.

Arriving at the right station, we walked through the town of Versailles and soon approached the palace complex of the same name, known to the whole world. Along the way, clouds began to thicken, and when we found ourselves outside the palace’s fence, we fell under an incredible rainstorm, which, for some 20-30 minutes, “washed” all the tourists from there. Since there were a couple of hours left before the closure of Versailles, we did not waste time, and, while the rain was going down, we bought tickets. As a result – voila! – the whole of Versailles was at our disposal! Could we imagine that in such a popular place among tourists we will walk practically alone?!

The palace itself, of course, is luxurious. But I was much more impressed by the palace park, which by right can be called a work of art. After the rain, he looked washed, bright and renewed. These neatly trimmed trees, these numerous snow-white antique statues, these ornate avenues, frozen fountains, huge flowerpots, flower beds and living arches – the impression that you are in a fairy tale! And at the same time – no one person is around! Of course, I made a lot of memorable photos, on half of which I am either under an umbrella, or under a tree trimmed in the shape of an umbrella. 🙂


Once in this magnificent park the French kings and their courtiers walked, and after several centuries, on this rainy spring day, only me and my mother walked in Versailles. Is it not a small miracle?

Dear travelers! If you decide to go to Paris, find time for Versailles. I assure you: you will not regret it. This is a magical place, especially after the rain. 🙂